Welcome to Charlotte Camera Club! We are a growing, active club of photographers spanning all ages and skill levels. We offer a fun mix of opportunities and ways to participate.

Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month except the months of November and December (no second meeting those months).  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and conclude by 9:00 p.m. We meet at St. John's Episcopal Church at 1623 Carmel Road, in Room 205. Members and guests are invited to arrive a little early to socialize before the meeting begins.

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Next Meeting: Thursday, May 24

Guest Speaker : John Smith - Landscape Photography

John Smith is a pre-visual shooter and will show how he “sees” before taking a shot using large format or medium format digital. He uses two viewing aids to visualize an image before shooting landscapes. As a norm, he is looks for intimate landscapes, but will also focus on the grand landscapes. John plans to show 23 images from large format film, and about 75 images from medium format digital. He will also show his studio workshop and bring his new Fuji GFX 50S and some other gear he uses in shooting landscapes. In addition, John plans to bring some framed images as examples of his work.

John Smith's Bio

Golden Glow by Ron Santini

Merit Award Recipient

George W. Glennie Nature Salon Competition

John Smith’s interest in photography began when he was fourteen years old, trying to photograph the moon by placing a camera over his home telescope. Smith’s start was as a professional photographer doing primarily commercial work. His career started as a photographer with General Electric Company. Since leaving GE he has run his own photo labs and has been involved in either taking or printing images for more than forty years.

His inspiration for his photography comes from the mountains of Western North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains. His goal is to capture the beauty of the mountains on a printed piece of paper so that anyone who views the photograph can understand the splendor of the mountains throughout the four distinctive seasons. He cannot remember a time when he was not interested in photography in all its forms, both capturing the image and putting it into its printed form. He is interested in having his photographs seen as art, an interpretation of the scene as seen through the eyes of a photographer, just as the printed scene is seen through the eye of the painter.

Smith prints his images on a Chromira LED printer on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. He uses a protective UV matte finish on most of his images, sidestepping the problem of glare that results when art is mounted under glass.

Looking Ahead:


Jun 14 - Score PSA Members' Showcase Competition Images

Jun 28 - Color Challenge – Members choose a color and shoot only objects/scenes, etc. of that color. Share 6-10 images.

Jul 12 - Club Quarterly Competition & Critique Night #4 - Guest Judge: Jamie Davidson
Jul 26 - Guest Speaker - Jim Ruff: Landscape Photography


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Header Images: 2017 CCC Image of the Year Award Winners (L-R): Paul Motise(1st Place), Mary Presson Roberts(2nd place), Deede Denton(3rd place)